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Dr. Golembiewski is a Chiropractic Historian

 Dr. Golembiewski is a sought-after speaker on the topic of Atlas Orthogonal and a historian on the history of Chiropractic and it’s developer Dr. B.J. Palmer. Click on the link below for a keen perspective on his presentation contents and the vast and storied history of Chiropractic care.

BJ Palmer Clinic-GenFinal.pdf

Scoliosis Reduction Using an Exercise

Read through a case study by Dr. Golembiewski on an innovative non-invasive breakthrough for scoliosis patients. Click on the link below for a detailed report on the study.

Chronic Headache & Migraine Presentation

 Dr. Golembiewski’s presentation on Chronic Headaches & Migraines. Click on the link below to view the presentation

Headache Presentation.pdf