Migraine and Back Pain Relief

My name is Adriana and I am 55 years old. I have been a patient of Dr. G for 3 years. I have suffered with headaches and back pain due to my scoliosis since age 25. I have tried a handful of chiropractors but none truly alleviated my symptoms. Dr. G does!
Dr. G initially did x-rays and measured my curves. From this data, he devised specific exercises for each part of curve. He x-rayed me doing the exercise and to my astonishment, my curves were straight! I do these exercises as many times a day as possible and these truly alleviate my pain. I believe that my back has become stronger and my curves have improved. I also initially came to Dr. G. with terrible chronic headaches. I had been taking pain meds for years without any real relief. The first time Dr. G. adjusted my atlas I was amazed at the immediate relief and the actual sensation of the nerves being released. I am actually amazed every time he does it! I have no more headaches and when I do start to get one, I know it’s time to get adjusted! Dr. G is my lifesaver. He has allowed me to live pain free and has taught me ways to help myself stay healthy.

I am forever grateful to have found this amazing chiropractor.


Neck Pain and Back Pain Relief

Dear Dr. Gary,Thanks so much for correcting my neck and back pain.I can finally sleep through the night!! Kind Regards

Brian G.